About us

JECOBI is a company that manufactures and markets Double Walled Glass Cups for cold and hot beverages.
We all consume a variety of beverages throughout the day. Most of us start the day with a cup of Latte or Espresso, eat lunch alongside a glass of water or soda, and in the evening enjoy a cold beer or milkshake in front of the TV.

JECOBI has taken the beverage experience a few steps further and created cups and glasses of different sizes and forms to best suit all kinds of drinks. Modern design, where the inner glass wall creates an illusion of the liquid floating in the air, makes a simple beverage experience more interesting.
Your JECOBI glassware will serve you for longer, as we emphasize on quality of the products and work with the best raw materials such as Borosilicate, which is more resilient to changes in temperature and shocks.

Our glassware has the following advantages:

• 100% handmade- each glass receives a personal attention and pampering
• Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe
• Maintain drink temperature over a longer period of time due to the double glass wall
• Prevent glass perspiration with cold drinks

We offer a wide range of cups and glass of different sizes and shapes ideally suited for each use. All of the glassware is packed safely and elegantly, so it can be an ideal present for a friend of family member. Treat your family and your guests with a special beverage, our glassware will make the experience unforgettable.

JECOBI - The ultimate drinking experience!